Joelma was amazing!!

Her professionalism and talent far surpassed my expectations. Due to a thyroid problem, I lost all my eyebrows so this was a critical need for me. Joelma spent lots of time redeveloping the brows and making sure I liked the design. The process was not painful as she took time to make sure I was in a good place. Her warmth and friendliness made me feel at ease. She’s a true artist and cares about every detail!! I followed her post procedure protocol and my brows are amazing!! Today when I look in the mirror, I’m so thankful I am whole again. You don’t realize how much you miss something until it’s gone!! Thank you Joelma. You really are a beauty!!

-Shannon B.

Don’t believe us, just ask!

With hundreds of procedures done over the years, we just let the quality work and our satisfied customers do the talking.

I can’t believe it!

I can’t believe how well Joelma transformed me from someone who had little to no eyebrows, to now having full looking beautiful eyebrows I can proudly wear, without spending 30 minutes or more to draw them on. She listens so well and makes sure through the entire process that you are comfortable, and that the eyebrows are turning out how you like. Through the process I never felt uncomfortable and I never felt any pain, she made sure of it too. She has several numbing techniques she does to make sure you won’t feel pain. She is an extremely sweet and talented woman and I highly recommend her for your microblading needs!!

-Ashlyn E.

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I’m in Love

I just had Joelma work on my eyebrows tonight and I’m in love! She won’t let you walk out of her salon till she’s satisfied you’re perfect! She’s very kind and an amazing artist. I will be happy to see her during my check up/ final touches appointment.

-Kelly O.

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I cried tears of Joy!

I was never able to wear a full brow due to a scar I got from a car accident in the fourth grade. I had only the slightest hope that Joelma would be able to camouflage the scar. Oh my, the scar is GONE. It’s gone. I got so emotional. I no longer have to “force” my opposite brow thin. I no longer have to cake on tons of pencil to thicken my brow only to have it wiped off in a hug or by my child’s hand.

I would recommend Joelma to ANYONE.

-Ericka W.

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